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Okayama City and Surrounding Cities

1Fukiya Furusato Village
Fukiya Furusato Village
Unique city streets all painted in the traditional Bengara red ocher.

Location Fukiya, Nariwacho, Takahashi City
Telephone Number 0866-29-2222 (Nariwa Town Tourism Association, Fukiya Branch) 
Access 55 minutes by bus from JR Bitchu-Takahashi Sta. to “Fukiya” bus stop
Website https://sites.google.com/site/fukiyakankou/home

2Bitchu Matsuyama Castle
Bitchu Matsuyama Castle
From fall to winter, this castle looks as if it is floating on a sea of clouds.

Location 1 Uchisange, Takahashi City
Telephone Number 0866-21-0461 (Takahashi City Tourist Association)
Access 10 minutes by tourist share taxi from JR Bitchu-Takahashi Sta. and then
20 minutes on foot *Reservation required for share taxi.
Website http://takahasikanko.or.jp/modules/spot/index.php?content_id=1

3Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter
Kurashiki Bikan Historical Quarter
Stroll through streets boasting traditional architecture from the Edo Period.

Location Honmachi, Chuo, Higashimachi, Achi, etc., Kurashiki City
Telephone Number 086-422-0542 (Kurashikikan Tourist Information Center) 
Access 10 minutes on foot from JR Kurashiki Sta.
Website http://www.kurashiki-tabi.jp/for/en/bikan.html

4Kojima Jeans Street
Kojima Jeans Street
Visit jeans shops in the birthplace of Japan’s domestic jeans.

Location Kojima-ajino, Kurashiki City
Telephone Number 086-441-9127(Kojima Jeans Street Cooperative Office) 
Access 15 minutes on foot from JR Kojima Sta.
Website http://jeans-street.com/files/Jst-map.pdf

5Bizen Osafune Japanese Sword Museum
Bizen Osafune Japanese Sword Museum
Enjoy an impressive sword-making demonstration.
(Every second Sunday of the month)

Location 966 Osafune, Osafune-cho, Setouchi City
Telephone Number 0869-66-7767
Access 7 minutes by taxi from JR Osafune Sta.
Website http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=ja&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http://www.city.setouchi.lg.jp/token/index.html

6Imbe Bizen Pottery Galleries
Imbe Bizen Pottery Galleries
Find your favorite pottery with more than a thousand years of history!

Location Imbe, Bizen City
Telephone Number 0869-64-1001(Okayama Prefecture Bizenyaki Touyuukai) 
Access Near JR Imbe Sta.
Website http://touyuukai.jp/en-index.html

7Old Shizutani School
Old Shizutani School
Visit Japan’s oldest school for common folk, especially picturesque in autumn.

Location 784 Shizutani, Bizen City
Telephone Number 0869-67-1436 
Access 10 minutes by taxi from JR Yoshinaga Sta.
Website http://shizutani.jp/english/

8Ichiba Fuku-fuku Street
Okayama City Center Wholesale Market
Ichiba Fuku-fuku Street Okayama City Center Wholesale Market
Enjoy a variety of Okayama eats including “kaisen-don” (fresh seafood served on top of rice), sushi, and gelato.

Access 30 minutes by bus from JR Okayama Sta.
Website http://www.city.okayama.jp/ichiba/jigyou/jigyou_00005.html